Monkey Business

It is that time of the year once again.  We are in the "Monkey Business".  Thank you to the fifth graders for designing and sewing these lovable monkeys. And a special thank you to their teacher for involving her class in this wonderful community service project.

This year we have 50 monkeys which will be paired with a matching child-sized hat. These cuddly animals will find their way to the cancer wings of local hospitals to be given to children going through cancer treatments, hoping to make put a smile on their faces.

We have a date for our Sock Monkey Event.  Saturday, September 13, 12-2 in the afternoon at the South Huntington Public Library. The program for the day includes:

  • Information about Care to Knit
  • Meeting the teacher who created this class project
  • Learning how you can make a sock monkey - yes, we will have a hands-on demonstration
  • Viewing the 2014 sock monkeys
  • Connecting with other knitters/crocheters

Now we need you to help make the child-sized hats that will compliment the sock monkey, so won't you please adopt a monkey.

  1. Take a look at the pictures of the monkeys by clicking the link below.  
  2. Once you find a favorite monkey, email me the number and name of the monkey you would like to adopt. 
  3. PLEASE WAIT for a response before you begin knitting. (As the emails come in, we might have others who want the same monkey.)

You may send your finished hat to me, Betty Jayne Volpe. (email me for home address -  Or better yet - come join the fun on the 13th and deliver your hat then.

Sock Monkeys 




Realizing that there is a great need for blankets of all sizes and that they tend to take time to make, The Needlers decided to take a different slant on making a blanket.  Our goal is to make twin-sized blankets.  A recent donation of yarn gave us the resources to jump in.

So where do we start?  Well, searching for patterns, or course!  Our challenge - to design knit and crochet 12-inch squares. To make things interesting, we are passing our squares onto each other without binding off.  This idea permits us to eliminate some of the sewing needed to assemble the blanket.  Working out all the "kinks," The Needlers are thinking about hosting a blanket knit-in.  Perhaps we might call it - "The Traveling Squares"